On a roll…

We had great turnout at our sports meeting on Thursday, and we grateful to Grace Levitt, Lori Schmidt and Jeff Svoboda for making time to come talk with us. They had a lot of great insights and some pretty funny stories too.

photo (5)We’ve had great luck so far with all our meetings, and all you who have been coming are to thank. We hoping you are enjoying them as much as we are.

Our next one will be on Oct. 30 and will be all about politics. Oh and cookies too.

Mike Thompson of WOSU Public Media will be there. Andy Chow from Ohio Public Radio too.

You can read all about that and RSVP here:


All the sports.


If you haven’t heard, our meeting this Thursday is all about sports.

We’ll have a panel discussion with Grace Levitt (Bleacher Report), Lori Schmidt (97.1 WBNS), Kaily Cunningham (News Herald), and Jeff Svoboda (Buckeye Sports Bulletin).

We’re in the middle of football season and winter sports are right around the corner. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in sports journalism. Get ahead in a competitive field by getting insight from the pros.

And a quick thank you to everyone that made it to our “Pizza and Ethics” meeting on the 2nd. It was a pleasure to hear from Kevin Z. Smith, who chaired SPJ’s ethics committee for over 20 years. As technology changes the practices of journalism, it was great to get a reminder of the one thing that should never change in the field: integrity.

photo (4)

The meetings have all been great so far, so I hope you’ll all come and check us out this Thursday, Oct. 16th. 6 pm in the Journalism Building’s Room 106.